GALLANT ABFLUG | R35 GT-R Completed Model - Aloof-01R | Prologue

Power and Pride – Made in Japan

Devastating speed and great fun.

NISSAN proudly announced R35 GT-R that this is the Super Car.

Its extraordinary performance obviously reminds
us PORSCHE and might be deserved to provoke
it to battle.

However a famous car-critic commented
"R35 is unearthly car as if it came from
outer space."

And many of well-skilled PORSCHE owners criticized it that
"R35 is very fast but it's not fun to drive at all."
Japanese car manufactures which can make products
with high performance but not attractive.
GALLANT ABFLUG developed R35 GT-R with
high techniques and sensibility
put on the parts NISSAN couldn't care
because of mass production.

Needless to say, we kept its high reliability
and make it attractive as
"Devastating speed and great fun."
That is our pride as "ALL Made in Japan."