GALLANT ABFLUG | R35 GT-R Completed Model - Aloof-01R | Power System

R35s GT-R Completed Model - Aloof-01R


VR38DETT engine, which is loaded since 07model, is manufactured and assembled by adept mechanics with their hands in Yokohama factory, therefore they keep it high precision of production and less dispersion. This engine is more developed one from the high quality assembled engine which was loaded on the R34 GT-R NUR-SPEC final limited version.

This improvement still continues. In case of the 09model, the best output is raised from 480ps to 485ps and the improvement is basis of the engine loaded on SpecV which is the best model of R35 GT-R.
GALLANT ABFLUG GT-R's engine and turbocharger are stock condition as we trust original liability and performance, and we made R35 with 650ps as following tuning system.


Because stock cars are needed to protect engines for considering various driver's skill and usage, even the GT-R, the real performance should be saved in some way.

GA ECU TUNE shows you the real performance under ordinary driving situation by releasing the safety margin.

We made the setting as we focus on the improvement of the response in low and medium speed range, which is the most frequently-use speed, with the absolute power and torque.
Release of the speed limiter / Adjustment of the electronic throttle / Changing program of ignition timing / Changing program of the fuel / Changing setting of Auto Cruiser / Changing program of radiator temperature.

Pent Roof Ti Exhaust System

PentRoof Ti Exhaust System is the masterpiece which shows our originality and passion about quality of the sound and exhaust efficiency. It is not easy to see it because it is covered by undercover, but this titanium muffler made by Japanese craftsman is so beautiful in curves and welding perfectly.

Pipe diameter, pipe length and silencer are adjusted to the best and it makes comfortable sound.Tail-end is PentRoof original titanium tail, and Nissan genuine tail is also available.Diameter of main pipe is 85Φ → 60Φ Dual structure.