GALLANT ABFLUG | R35 GT-R Completed Model - Aloof-01R | Chassis

No matter how hard we pursue the best setting.

Gran Revolfe "Prism" Magnesium Wheel

Abflug collaborated with TWS Inc. that develops wheel for Formula1 on this magnesium wheel exclusive for GT-R.

The reason we choose magnesium is the best quality of its weightlessness, rigidity, and accuracy than any other materials.If you only focus on making it much lighter, the characteristics that "it doesn't bend but break" would be found out. Therefore we chose design that is made top priority on rigidity for PRISM.

The aluminum forging doesn't have high rigidity and precision of making circle like magnesium, and pro-drivers say that "PRISM obviously has ability of control much better than the genuine one."
We made knurling process in order to apply for run-flat-tires."PRISM" that we selected the best materials and combined both high performance and spectacular design is the wheel produced exclusively for GT-R.

GALLANT ABFLUG Suspension Tune

The damping force is set for various style of driving.As we can adjust pre-load of the spring and total length of damper,we can make re-setting for various requests from owner.

We chose duralumin for bracket, body and uppermount in order to make weight lighter under the spring.We have made original setting mainly for Run-flat-tires, but we strongly recommend to put radial tire for showing the real performance of this suspension.No matter how hard we pursue the best setting of the suspension, the run-flat-tire's hardness and weight makes real performance of suspension worse.
You can realize its best setting of flexibility, holding road, quickness of turn and sportiveness with radial tire.

Racing MONO6 BRAKE System

If you see or hear that "GT-R's stock brake has enough ability for sports-driving on circuit", it is exaggerated advertisement. The stock brake pad doesn't work by second lap and the caliper also loses tight holding of pads after more several laps in driving at Fuji Speedway.

Racing MONO6 is mono block caliper which is forged and molded with million ton of pressure. ENDLESS Ltd., that has good reputation as "exceeded BREMBO." in overseas, developed this light weighted and high rigidity brake system.

Processing piston cylinder needs high techniques but our special techniques solved this difficult matter, and this brake system gives you absolute stopping power.